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Why New Lawyers Should Focus On Geographic Location In Their SEO Marketing

Previously, I discussed various key aspects of search engine optimization or SEO. However, in order to be effective at SEO, as an attorney you also need to know what your prospective clients are looking for. Your goal is to capture the traffic and direct it to your site where you can build up your business. In order to do this, you need to know how to work with certain issues that may be unique to the legal field. As they explain at,

When prospective clients are looking for a lawyer, 21.9 percent start with a search engine, according to Lawyernomics, if you want to capture that traffic, optimizing your online presence is essential. SEO is critical to converting online searchers into prospective legal clients.

There are several strategies that lawyers can apply that can help to push their name and image up the search engine rankings.

Effective Use of Keywords

Online marketing can be a very competitive business for anyone but especially for the newcomer to the industry. Without effective Internet marketing, it will be difficult to establish an online reputation without using a number of aggressive marketing techniques. Experts recommend that you set your goals accordingly and avoid trying to grab the brass ring all at the same time.

They point out that you need to approach your marketing strategy in terms of years rather than getting immediate results. Start by focusing your attention on local traffic first and then build on that. This can be done by utilizing local keywords to draw in potential clients; rather than a blanket ‘accident lawyer’ as your keyword use ‘your city name + accident lawyer’ as your keyword. There is good reason for this. As they explain at,

Before you can optimize your website, social media profiles or anchor text for link building, you have to know what keywords you want to use. When it comes to local search marketing, you are not only targeting industry-specific terms but geo-specific terms as well.

By starting out small and building up from there you’re laying a solid foundation for which you can launch a full scale marketing campaign that will get you the recognition you need in your industry.

Take Advantage of Directories

It’s important that you carve out a place for your business in Google Places and in other directories. By having a well-established listing, your law firm will have a prominent place in the SERPs and within Google Maps.

You want to make sure that you earn a spot in those maps for your targeted area. Once you’ve been recognized in Google maps, you’ve tapped into a major source of traffic. It will be well worth the time and money you invest to secure an inclusion into these major attorney directories. These will help you boost your rankings to a more prominent place.

Make Sure Users Have a Positive Experience

Keep in mind that directing traffic to your site is only winning half the battle. Your ultimate goal is to convert as many visitors as you can into clients. That means your website must be your star performer.

When you first open your doors you may be eager to get off to a good start and want to put your name in as many places as possible. However, some marketing experts tell us that it pays to start small. As they point out at,

It’s not uncommon for a client to say, “I don’t want to limit my business to a specific area.” SEO people understand this and try to accommodate where possible, but it’s not always practical.

By starting small and expanding you secure a more solid foundation from which to build your business on. With this, your new law firm will hit its paces much more quickly than you might imagine possible.

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