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Why Concentrate On Link Building Even Before An Event?

In our last discussion, we talked about developing different ways to get online recognition. By utilizing these techniques, one can contribute to one’s search engine optimization efforts in ways beyond the traditional methods. Still, it is important that you view the whole package when it comes to building up your reputation. Another way to do this is by being effective in your link building efforts.

For the most part, the most common way to build links for any type of campaign is during the event. It is there that you meet your contacts and build relationships that will bring you the links you’re looking for. Many people may also work on link building after the event by following up with new connections and solidifying those new relationships. All of these are effective tactics that all online marketers do. However, there is one area of link building that often gets neglected. According to,

With any event-based link building campaign, there are three major stages of link building opportunity – before the event, during the event, and after the event. Perhaps one of the most neglected is the ‘before stage’, yet get this stage right and you create a powerful foundation on which to build your future success.

In order to do this you have to apply several different strategies to make sure that your firm is recognized even before the event happens.

Be Newsworthy

By providing newsworthy information prior to the event, you build up anticipation for the information you wish to share. When you can create a way to generate public interest in what you have to say, people will automatically be drawn to it. Sometimes, what is newsworthy may have little to do with what you’re offering but if it builds up anticipation, it will drive people to connect to you and link to your site.

Your goal is to create organic links rather than those that are acquired by creating content that people will automatically want to be a part of. If you have an event coming up a great blog post can be a natural way of getting the message out. As they point out at,

If you want to write an occasional guest post, do it to build audience/authority & not just to gain a link. A great blog post can get you in front of a lot of eyes, generate comments, shares etc. & ultimately go a long way.

Start by letting the media know that your upcoming event is newsworthy and that people will be driven to want to know about it. You can also comment on other newsworthy items and connect them to your event. Chances are that if you chose wisely, those interested in the first news item will be interested in your event as well.

Provide a Free Service

Another way to tap into the source before the event is to offer a free service to draw attention to your firm. Some may choose to do this in an effort to build up good will for their firm; offering a free legal counseling day or handing out tickets can bring in a lot of attention.

The reality is that effective link building takes talent and astute observation. By effectively applying these strategies, it will be much easier than you might imagine to build links. As they point out at Lawyer Marketing,

The key point to note, however, is that link-building is a complex and (if not done correctly) potentially risky technique. That said, it pays to have a fundamental understanding of it, particularly when you speak with SEO consultants who contact your firm.

By learning how to use all the facets of link building you can bring your law firm from the stone age right into the modern age without the struggles most firms get while building a brand recognition.

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