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Last week, we discussed the importance of link building even before an event-based link building campaign is started. Meanwhile, we all want to be successful, but everything worth having is worth working for, which is why I always tell my clients that the first step to building a more successful firm, is to build a successful strategy for SEO. The online world is quickly overtaking the offline world in terms of how businesses grow, are monitored, and even how they make sales or gain clients. If you want your law firm to see this type of growth then you need to be seen online and create a presence; explains:

Modern search engines are incredibly complex, but they work on fairly simple principles. Basically, they follow links and index the HTML content they find at these URLs into giant databases. When someone submits a search query, they search these databases to try to return the most relevant results, which they then present to the user.

I always talk about content and the importance of keywords and registering yourself locally through directories and other online avenues where community members will see you, but before you do all these, there are other things to be done.

Stake Out The Competition

This should be taken seriously, even if it does sound like something out of a movie. It doesn’t mean you need to drive by other local law firms and find cracks in their armor, but rather take the time to scan their website, and determine how successful they are, and which search engine optimization tactics they are using.

The reason for this research is not to copy the competition, but to beat them at their own game by better understanding which approaches they have yet to try, and implementing those strategies, along with a variety of others. This will also let you see what keywords are being used that might also fit into your niche, and then you can determine whether it is worth it to be listed for the same words, or if you don’t want your firm associated with another brand.

Get Analytical

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for those who are new to SEO, especially in the field of law, because it opens up doors for lawyers to better understand how well their site is working, and even where users are coming from. Google Webmaster Tools also helps in this area, and fortunately, setting up these tools is not too difficult, even if you’re not a computer guru. Many websites offer instructions on how to use the tools, but I will give a basic breakdown of Analytics here. If you want to check the influx of traffic on your site, which arrives organically, select Audience from your Google Analytics tool, followed by Mobile, and Overview. This will show you how many of the visits you have had are organic, and how these visits are occurring; for example, are these potential clients using a laptop, cell phone, tablet, etc.

Lose The Sales Attitude

Okay, so I am going to slip a little something in here about content, but I feel like it is relevant to increasing your SEO success rate, primarily because the way that you treat a client is a direct reflection on your firm. When you write something on your firm’s website, you are speaking to many clients at once, so remember that while it may seem a little informal because you are typing to a device not a human being, it will eventually be read by a potential client, or a current client, so don’t push too hard in the sales department. Total Attorneys says:

Go light on the sales pitch: Focus on providing good advice and information to optimize the search value, and let the surrounding contact information and marketing content on your web pages do the work of connecting you with prospective clients.

If somebody has found and is interested in reading the information on your firm’s website, then it has already done the job of bringing in a new potential user of your services. Don’t lose them with generic talk. Show them why your firm is the authority in your field by talking about something relevant.

Keep Your Brand Clean

Do this not with a scrub brush and water, but by using the same idea I just talked about above in keeping your content pure and not all about sales. This isn’t just directed toward content though; you need to think about your brand the way that client would. Would you use the services of a company that comments with spam across a variety of forums and websites in an effort to get more site traffic? Probably not. And this goes double for your clients who are looking for the services of a reputable lawyer to help with a serious problem. says:

You know (or you’ll learn) that your reputation is your most valuable asset. Yep, even more valuable than ranking #1 in Google. What you might not know is how inexperienced, unscrupulous, or irresponsible SEO can hurt your reputation as a lawyer.

This is why anything that seems forced, overly marketed, or is seen as spam will result in clients losing interest, and it may even peg your brand as a phony, or a low grade alternative to competitors in your market. You only get one reputation, even if you can change it later, that initial impression will always hang around, especially on the internet where nothing is ever truly deleted.

Finding success in the legal industry in terms of search engine optimization takes a lot of different strategies. The algorithms set forth by Google and other engines can be complex, and difficult to crack in their entirety, but a few things remain true, and throughout these articles, I have shed light on many of them. It isn’t enough to do the very basic in SEO if you want to proceed past other firms in your area. No lawyer got where he or she is by doing the bare minimum, so don’t stop working for what you want now that you are finally climbing that ladder to success.

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