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Must-Try Internet Marketing Techniques For Your Firm

My previous post talked about the effect of social media on a firm’s clients. Moving past all of the social media concepts I have been talking about lately, I’d like to talk today about some internet marketing techniques that are “must-tries” for this year. Many firms believe that once they implement a few strategies, they can leave it at that and ride off of past successes for the future. Unfortunately, when it comes to the online world, things are constantly evolving, and so your marketing techniques must evolve as well.

Get Published Online

I have touched slightly on the subject of guest posting before on other community or law firm blogs, but it’s also important to create a certain level of authority for your firm above competitors in your area by being published online. If you can find a legal site, local, national, or otherwise, which accepts legal essays and articles, it might be in your best interest to have one published.

You can add a link to this article on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media feeds, post it to your blog, and advise clients, potential and current, to read it from your firm’s website.

Get Monitoring

It isn’t always enough to create amazing content for your clients, you also need to have a fair idea of who is reading it and who isn’t. To do this you can monitor the traffic to your site and blog by setting up software or utilizing online tools such as Google Analytics. suggests:

Web traffic monitoring should be your top priority. You have to determine the incoming web traffic in order to gauge the visibility of your website, and effectiveness of your marketing. Once you understand your user habits, you can definitely increase your market profits.

A stat counter on your website works well enough for those who are new to this concept, and it gives you the option to see how many people have seen your site per day in real time. These are offered for free by many online application developers, but your own web developer may have a tool that can be customized to fit your site as well.

Search Engine Optimization

This is something we have talked about before, but it is another ongoing marketing concept that needs to be continued over time. It seems like Google and other search engines are implementing new guidelines, rules, and internet laws on a regular basis, and these can affect the way that your clients see your website, and how your site is ranked compared to others in your industry. Legal Marketing Review says:

Search engine optimization requires optimizing such things as the URLs, headings, sub headings, text, meta-tags, images, load time, interlinking structures, categorization of content and so much more.

Search engine algorithms are impossible to track 100%, but one thing you can count on as a law firm is the ability to hire a professional who knows how to use SEO properly. These experts can be found online, and often offer services through a variety of packages that include not only better web design, but other methods of marketing and advertising tools as well.

If you are pretty SEO savvy yourself, you may not require a service of this nature, but even if you only hire on a search engine optimization expert as an advisor for a short time, you could surprise yourself and the rest of your firm with how great of an impact it can really make to your search engine rankings.

Remember that many potential clients will pass up a website in favor of another simply because of how they are stacked in the search engine results and the number of people who select second and third choices dwindle the further down the list you get.

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