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Marketing Techniques That All Law Firms Should Embrace This Year

Last Friday, I talked about Google’s addition of mobile app data to its Search Console, which was another development for mobile-friendly websites. Meanwhile, I usually have something specific to touch on when updating my marketing concepts for law firms to follow but this week there are a number of things I want to discuss that are becoming really crucial this year. 2015 has brought about a few changes in Google algorithms already, which I have discussed in length in other posts, and with these changes, the online marketing world is beginning to shift as well.

As you grow and evolve as a firm, you must remember to share that evolution with your website and marketing tools and processes. This is the only way to stay ahead of the competition and make a real name for your brand in the future. Check out a few of these 2015 marketing musts that have made this year’s list of online law firm marketing trends to comply to.

Automated News Letters Have Become A Must

E-mail marketing may not be focused on as much as it was when the e-mail was the standard form of internet communication, but it is still very important in terms of keeping in touch with past clients, current clients, and building a relationship with potential new clients. Obviously, these e-mails should only go out to those who have registered for them or they could come off as pushy, but making this an option keeps your firm’s name in the forefront of these clients’ minds when they see it appear in their inbox. The Business of Law Blog explains:

Lawyers should send an automatic newsletter to contacts on the firm mailing list and to visitors who opt-in. Mailchimp has a plug-in for WordPress that will automatically compose, illustrate and send the newsletter on a specified schedule. For example, the Law Practice Advisor newsletter goes out beautifully every week without any manual input.

Whether people skim past your e-mail, delete it, store it for later, or read it as soon as it appears in their inbox, simply seeing the name of your law firm will register with them when they think about obtaining legal aid later on. This can go a long way to bring in new business over time.

Social Media Is A Regular Part Of Your Clients’ Everyday Life

This is no surprise as the above-mentioned e-mail has definitely been replaced by social media interaction. While many law firms are finally getting on board with this consumer communication method, it’s really important that lawyers remember that once you start utilizing social media it needs to be updated, checked, and replied to continuously. For some firms, this means hiring outside help or delegating these responsibilities to somebody within the practice.

People skim their social media in school, on their way to work, at home, at the dentist’s clinic, and just about anywhere else you can think that a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC might lurk. This means that having your firm in front and present on a Facebook or Twitter news feed each day is absolutely crucial if you want to stay fresh within the minds of those whom you have worked with or would like to work with legally in the future.

Content Takes A Front Seat In Online Marketing

I always talk about content, probably so much that you will skip right over this portion of my update, but I still think it is worth mentioning that genuine and interesting content is no longer just an option, it’s a necessity. It affects the way clients view your firm, the placement of your ranking on search engines like Google, and a number of other elements of your marketing and business that you may not realize. Legal Marketing Review suggests:

If you don’t have good content your SEO, social media and public relations strategies will suffer greatly. Be prepared to hire people to help you write blog posts, develop videos, infographics, e-books, podcasts, printed books and more. You also have to plan on a significant amount of time to share those pieces of content amongst the many new channels available.

Think of content the way that you think about a marketing ad in the newspaper, online, or a commercial on television. You want it to say what you can’t say in person to those who are viewing your site, and while you do want it to be attractive and bring in new business, you don’t want it to be too flashy or obvious. The best way to create unique and up to date content is to write it as though you are talking to a real client. It must be regular and genuine, or you will find yourself slipping down the list of local results in search engine rankings.

Know Who Is Visiting Your Site

Finally, one of the top priorities of this year is knowing your audience, and how frequently they are visiting your site. This means monitoring web traffic in one form or another, and staying on top of following up with as many potential clients as you can. This is when that automated newsletter is going to come in handy, or when small contests, community functions, and other events that can be shared through social media will take a front seat. writes:

Web traffic monitoring should be your top priority. You have to determine the incoming web traffic in order to gauge the visibility of your website, and effectiveness of your marketing. Once you understand your user habits, you can definitely increase your market profits.

Of course, a counter on your main website will show you how many visitors you have each day, week, and month, but you can also use social media. Keep a count on how many people are sharing, liking, and commenting on tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and other forms of social media. This helps you see what is working and what is not, so that you can tweak your method of consumer interaction to be more beneficial for your firm.

All law firms should know by now that internet marketing will play a huge role in the success of your firm, even if you are well known and successful already. Remember to make updates, add new content, and stay on top of what the audience likes to keep your firm fresh and in the minds of those that you interact with.

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