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Make Your Firm Paperless With Evernote

Law firms are forever cluttered with mountains of paperwork and endless files, which can make a lawyer’s life seem more than a little stressful. Now, in the past I have gone over many ways that you can make your law firm more productive, bring in new clients, and change your site for the better by various strategies like changing your domain name to enhance your online marketing, but in this post I’d like to take a moment to talk about an application that many lawyers overlook, but which can make a big difference in reducing the amount of clutter and unnecessary wasted paper in your business. KEYT Law says:

It’s time to move your law firm into the 21st century and use technology to not only save your firm money by doing away with the cost of filing and storing paper, but also allow all law firm personnel to access client and internal firm documents in a matter of seconds.

So, sure, you have a Paralegal there to help file and store these papers, but this doesn’t fix the problem entirely, and while many firms are beginning to e-mail rather than fax and snail mail documents, there’s still an awful lot of sticky notes and folders floating around most practices.

Creating Files For All

One key element to this tool that can be pretty handy for law firms in particular is the ability to transmit your emails directly through the application. Not only can you read your emails through the app, you can also send emails straight into Evernote and in the process, create a place where all of the members of your firm can easily access the information, and store it however they so choose, rather than transporting physical files and memos around the office all day. Luke Ciciliano of says:

When you read and send emails then this app allows you to easily, and pretty seamlessly, send the emails straight into Evernote with an appropriate folder designation and tag. Voila, all of your law firm’s written correspondence and emails are now saved into an easily searchable Evernote correspondence file.

Not only does this cut back on mail, but it also means that you can create a secure and flexible location where everybody in the firm has easy access to the same data without the need for multiple outlets. Evernote works for individuals and teams with collaboration tools that give you the ability to share more than just e-mails. Calendars with important dates, lists, files, documents, reports, and of course, personal notes that you make, or that any member of the team wishes to make and share with others in the office. There would be no worries about client information getting out and who was missed in a CC.

Master Checklist Benefits For Law Firms

So I’ve touched on why this is a good tool for legal practices, and how it can simplify your correspondence processes, but it can also provide a pretty unique method of getting work done on time and in the right order. Checklists are something that many people create without even thinking, whether it’s a grocery list, or a mental note of things to do before you go home for the day. In a law office, any lawyer can tell you that there are hundreds of things to be done and it all has to be completed in a particular manner and order. Attorney At Work suggests:

As a lawyer, master checklists can be used to remind you of the steps in routine activities such as drafting a motion or brief, replying to a motion or brief, going to court to argue a motion or brief, prepping a witness for deposition, or opening a new client file.

This master checklist can be used to share the same list with other members of your group or to make a personal list that applies to individuals alone. This means that any teammate can make a list for work and home, which can speed up productivity and keep you up to date without the need for excess paperwork.

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