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Latest Google Algorithm Change Called ‘Mobilegeddon’ By Site Owners

Previously, I discussed the dos and don’ts on Internet marketing for firms. I had also talked about the changes in Google’s latest algorithms a little while ago, and one of the big changes that we knew was on the way had to do with all websites being more mobile friendly. Well, this latest roll out began on the 21st of April and has already begun causing some waves in a variety of industries.

The latest algorithm change has offered greater rankings for those sites that are accessible through mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and while the jury is still out on how effective this latest change will be, it seems like businesses and individual site owners are taking it fairly seriously.

Mobile Searches Affected By Algorithm

Some sites have been reporting that this new algorithm change won’t have too large of an effect on rankings in general, but will only cause favor for searches that are actually performed from mobile devices. reports:

The change is only taking place on Google searches made on smartphones. The results will favor websites deemed “mobile friendly,” giving them higher rankings than sites that are only optimized for desktops and laptops.

Other algorithm news reports have suggested that the entire online world is at risk of being topped by competitors who have gone mobile, if site owners don’t start making changes and getting their code in order.

Take Heed of Google Warnings

One thing that made this algorithm update a little bit different from some of the others is that Google came forward and made it known exactly what it was we were all being judged on. I have to admit that this makes my life much easier, and I could see how this warning would help law firms and other companies looking to marketing themselves online as well. Search Engine Land advises:

It’s unprecedented for Google to pre-announce a big algorithmic change like this, but Google did so in order to give publishers ample time to make their web sites mobile friendly.

In the past, many of the Google algorithm changes have come as a shock to those who use the internet as a place of business. There are actually new changes made at a constant rate, some of which we won’t know about unless we do the research necessary to make the changes. I have talked about Google in the past in terms of how nobody really understands all of what makes their ranking system tick, but what we do know as of now is that honest and genuine material is given priority, and now, that making your site mobile may be more important that we first thought.

Legal and Other Industries Majorly Hit By Changes

For my last point of this post, I just want to touch on the fact that these changes to mobile searching are making waves not only because it is such a big overall change to make for site owners, but because the world has become a place where mobile searches make up the majority of searches now performed on the internet. USA Today states:

Score Media Metrix estimates has a 65% market share of U.S. Internet searches, wants sites to load quickly and be easy to navigate on a mobile phone. Google is doing this because it wants consumers to “find content that’s not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens,” Google said in a statement.

This is a good thing for law firms specifically because you also want consumers to find the content they need and be able to interact with you from mobile devices. If a mobile user can’t access your page and use all of the features the can use from a PC, they are likely to move on to the next competing firm in your area.

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