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Inspirational DIY Marketing For Law Firms

Last time, I presented several vital online marketing tips for firms. But I should point out that marketing is not the huge commercial operation it once needed to be. Many businesses, and small to mid-sized law firms are now taking their online marketing into their own hands with DIY marketing techniques. Although many firms still rely on a few outside sources for their marketing needs, there are many ways by which you can help push your firm to the top of your local ladder, especially in terms of search engine rankings and traffic conversion success.

Keep on Top of the News

One way that you can take things one step further for your firm without seeking outside help is by tracking the news. Both local and national legal news can make a big impact on your authority within your niche. If clients and potential clients see that you are in the know about cases in the news, legal happenings, and the current laws, they are more likely to put their faith in you as a lawyer. writes:

Keep your finger on the pulse of emerging issues in your niche and use them in a process called “news jacking.” This technique involves taking recent developments in your practice area, like an important court decision or issuance of a new regulation, and providing your own opinions and commentary to it.

This also helps to add a bit of genuine content to your website that will rank well with Google and other search engines that utilize this concept as a method within their algorithms. Writing about newsworthy occurrences in your own words, rather than simply copying and pasting articles will also earn you big points with clients and search engines.

Take Initiative and Mix Old Customs with New Marketing Methods

While the more traditional methods of law firm marketing warrant a lot of word of mouth promotion, it can be difficult to continuously advertise your firm without seeming to be showy or pushy. What you need to do is get people to know who you are without coming off as needy for their attention and recognition. ABA Journal says:

You don’t need to hand a business card to everyone you meet at a reception if it feels forced and desperate. Instead, get other people’s cards, and email your contact information afterward. There’s a better chance they will remember you.

By mixing this personal method of interaction with the more modern approach of email, you can leave an impression on those you meet, and offer the services of your firm without feeling forced or repetitive. You can write the e-mail in a fresh friendly way that includes your firm letterhead, while still providing personal banter on how nice it was to meet someone.

Blog and Use Social Media in Interesting Ways

I talk about blogging and social media constantly, but here is an interesting DIY marketing tip that will allow you a little more freedom with your Twitter or Facebook posts. Don’t just create a social media account for your firm to promote events and company interactions. You can also create a personal account for clients and public which includes the business side of your intentions with less stiff content as well. Michele R. J. Allinotte writes on the American Bar Association website suggesting:

Most of the blog posts, which I usually write weekly, are on legal topics relevant to my practice areas. But to keep things a bit lighter, on occasion I also post about personal or family things, upcoming events for community groups I’m involved with, and informative nonlegal articles of likely interest to site visitors.

By keeping things light, you offer clients the ability to see who you are as a person, and this makes you more human and trustworthy in the eyes of those whom you will work with. However, remember not to post things that are too outlandish or extreme as this may scare potential clients away.

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