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How To Identify Your Role In Search Engine Optimization

In the past, we discussed the confusion about using links on your website. If in fact, Google is going to change their algorithm with respect to how links are used (for example, we discussed last time the possibility of Google using a new fact algorithm) it is a matter that bears close watching in the future. However, all of that would be for naught if the website has been unable to get the rankings we’ve been striving for. Whether we’ve done all we can to improve our rankings or we’ve relied entirely on our SEO professional could make a major difference in how well our site performs. It is important that you and your search engine optimizer are working together to get the results you need.

At times, search engine optimizers often have to deal with a certain level of suspicion within their own industry. Occasionally, a site owner will come across a few SEO providers that may attempt to use your business to turn a fast buck. These so-called ‘marketing experts’ are not on the up and up, and the tactics they use can often be questionable at best. As a result, your business loses and the whole image of marketing has to bear the brunt of shame for the industry.

This kind of characters has caused many to treat the whole of SEO with suspicion. At times, even when a site is doing well, site owners will demand even more from their SEO, automatically thinking they are not doing what they should. So, the question for you is simple: how can a lawyer, who is not well versed in marketing know the true role of an SEO to ensure you’re getting a real marketing expert and not someone only interested in his own personal gain? You might conclude that the results will determine whether or not he is a real marketing expert. Of course, this would certainly be a true test of their skills and ability, but it might be better to learn what your role is in the SEO marketing game. Consider the comments made at Search Engine Watch,

Sometimes however, the SEO is questioned when despite these metrics all have improved. Despite the site doing better than it ever has before in terms of traffic and relevant unique visitors, the site owner does not see enough money coming through their bank account and thinks it “MUST be the SEO!

The reality is that your site’s performance should be measured based on a number of different factors besides search engine marketing strategies and there are several reasons why. At times it may be the result of something the marketing agent has overlooked; it could also be the result of something Google has done that has had a direct impact on your site. While these things do occur, these incidents are for the most part quite uncommon. More than likely, your site’s performance is something that may very well be out of their control. Your SEO marketing expert can only do what he is qualified to do. It is up to the site owner to cover all the other bases.

Make Sure You Have a Workable Site

When you first sign on with a marketing agent, they will probably do a usability review of your site to identify certain issues. Their goal is to direct people to your site and get them to transition into paying customers or to take some other form of action. Once they make those recommendations, it is up to you to make sure that your site is user-friendly so that their work will pay off.

The fact is that your SEO professional is up-to-date on what is successfully building up web traffic. You may have been effective in building up traffic 5 years or even 10 years ago but with each new algorithm released by Google, SEO tactics are constantly changing. You need to learn to trust their suggestions in order to keep up with the constantly changing landscape. According to Forbes Magazine,

SEO is a rapidly changing practice – thanks in part to the hundreds of adjustments Google makes every year to its search engine algorithm. Because of this, you need to stay on top of the latest industry news and take the advice of some of proven SEO professionals.

While it may be true that some site owners will disagree with the recommendations of SEO professionals, keep in mind that they have their finger on the pulse of the market. They know exactly what’s going on and can point out issues that you may not think is affecting your business.


One of the things many website owners fail to grasp is the true role of SEO professionals. The common misconception is that they are purchasing a service. The expert comes in, does a little razzle-dazzle and suddenly your business is booming. Well, the truth is that there is much more to it than that. You’re really paying for access to their knowledge of the Internet and search engine optimization. These professionals are paid to stay on top of the hundreds of algorithm changes that Google releases each year. They also have to spend a great deal of time testing and researching certain markets and industries.

For most clients, the rankings are the key to their success. However, for the SEO professional it is only one piece of a much larger puzzle. There are many other factors that must also be considered to determine the success of your search engine optimization. Some owners want to be placed in the number one position after contracting with an SEO professional; this is neither possible nor realistic. Instead, your goal should be to see improvement in your site’ performance and consistently moving up in the rankings as a sign of success.

This does not mean that SEO professionals are not without fault. If you question your professional’s commitment to your success or you feel he’s not doing his job, then by all means you should challenge him. Just make sure that the challenges you make are based on factors that are within his control and not because of some misguided belief that paying for an SEO pro will catapult you to impossible heights. As SEOMark explains,

The only long-term, risk-free way to achieve good rankings is to earn them and deserve them, and that means to ensure that the page on your site that you want to rank for a particular keyword phrase contains better content than all of the pages ranked in the top 10.

The more you recognize your SEO provider’s abilities as well as his limitations and your role in the whole process, the better your chances of moving your website up the ladder will be.

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