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How Social Media Impacts The Clients Of Your Firm

Previously, I discussed the effect of the Google algorithm change that takes into account the need for mobile responsive sites. And recently, I have talked about a few of the varieties of social media and how law firms can use them to their advantage, but what I want to touch on today is why social media is making such an impact for all businesses the world over.

It’s not difficult to see that the internet age has been pushed to the side by the age of mobile technology. We are entering into vastly different ground here, with PCs and laptops being edged out by the most sophisticated tablets, cell phones, and other gadgets that seem to be hitting the shelves daily. The more that these technological gadgets evolve, the faster the business world must move to match them because so many companies now depend on online sales and it seems as though the majority of internet-based shoppers are taking to their smart phones to make their purchases.

This change in business practice and online use has also changed the way that various businesses across the world have to market themselves, and while law firms remain tragically traditional in some ways, in other ways it is crucial that they also evolve with the times. This means getting on board with social media applications and taking the plunge into consumer communication through this method of marketing.

More People Will See You With A Social Media Account

Having a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account has little to do with following trends or seeming on top of tech changes, and much more to do with getting your brand out there and growing it from the ground up. Just as you would have done with word-of-mouth marketing in the past, the more places you drop off a business card, talk to potential clients about your firm, and call to network, the online world is booming with growth opportunities if you take the time to market yourself accordingly. Samantha Collier of Social Media for Law Firms explains:

Are you marketing your business on Twitter? If not, you should seriously consider getting started. According to Lori Taylor, the average Twitter user follows five or more businesses. Over a third (37%) of Twitter users will buy from a brand they follow.

The more social media accounts you have your firm set up with, the more people who frequent those sites will see your firm. If your account leaves a lasting impression in their minds, you may have pulled in a potential new client. Now, of course, the number of people who visit your account versus the number that will call for an appointment is still going to be vastly different, but remember that every impression counts, and if one site visitor tells a friend who tells a friend, that could be money in the bank.

Sharing Is Caring

Believe it or not, when it comes to social media it isn’t just your account profile that will bring in new clients. You also have the potential to get mentioned in other people’s status updates, have your content viewed and shared by millions, and make a mark on local events and other community businesses by mentioning them in posts and getting links in return. Social media is just that, a social way to share media, and what better opportunity could a law firm ask for to get noticed in their community, and nationally. Cube Social expresses these thoughts:

By now you’ll have people talking about you on social media all the time. They may be sharing your blog posts, discussing the events you’ve hosted, or simply chatting with your lawyers. Each one of these is a lead. Have a process for tracking them and following up with them.

As mentioned by Cube Social, all of that shared content can turn into serious leads if you know how to track them. There are services and software available to keep track of the people and businesses who have shared your images, videos, and other content from your social media account. I fully encourage my clients to take advantage of this opportunity, because it means you can follow up, even if only online.

All Advertising Are Good Advertising

This may not be one hundred percent true but to a certain extent it certainly holds some value because if you can get your name out there in the form of blog shares, social media likes or other forms of recognition, it’s still sharing your firm, and that can bring some heavy conversion in the form of website visits and follow up phone calls or e-mails. states:

Only 34 percent of firms have established blogs. This is surprising considering a 2012 study found that general counsel read attorney blogs “as often as they read those by professional journalists.” Additionally, 76 percent of respondents said they attribute some level of importance to a lawyer’s blog when deciding which firms to retain.

Your blog, social media posts and website content say a lot about your firm, what you do, how you might interact in person, and how successful you are as a business. People want to know this before they waste their time calling a company that they don’t feel is a good fit for them. I hate to make this comparison, but sometimes social media accounts are a lot like online dating when it comes to selecting a law firm. It allows potential clients the option to scan through all of the local firms within your area, check up on staff members, see what your company ethics are, and assess the situation before making the call that they want to enter into a business relationship with you.

For this reason, among many of the others that I have listed throughout this article, it’s a good idea to use social media to your advantage every chance that you get, and only share the content, images, and videos that you feel really tell your clients who you are and what you do. The first impression is a lasting impression, even online, so be genuine, and you might be surprised by the results.

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