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How Lawyers Can Come Up With Content Ideas For Their Blogs

Recently, we discussed the importance of preparing for the next trend in search engine optimization. We cannot sit back and expect that everything will go smoothly even if we’ve covered all of the basics. But it always helps to go back to the basics from time to time to make sure that everything is on the right track.

While anyone who has been concentrating their efforts on online marketing understands that without good content, you’re pretty much ‘dead in the water,’ there is much more involved in moving up the search engine rankings than having good content. Your goal may be to bring in more organic traffic, but to do that there is a lot of background work that must be done. According to,

Creating a great piece of content that will perform well in search engines can be a time-consuming task. To ensure that your content will drive organic search traffic to your website, you must optimize it from start to finish, inside and out.

This fact may be of major concern to many lawyers who may not have the expertise to handle content marketing well, but there is a way to simplify the process. By using several tools found online, even a novice at content marketing can find success.

How to Come Up With Content Ideas

Some may not be intuitive enough to come up with useful ideas for content on their own. Because of that, more than likely when it comes to creating content, they’ll delegate that responsibility to someone else, usually a marketing team or professional on their staff. While these professionals certainly have something to contribute to the task, there are many things that a lawyer can do to create valuable content without having to go outside of his comfort zone.

One way to do this is by establishing yourself as an expert in your field, not your company. By using this information to demonstrate your unique blend of knowledge and expertise you can make sure that your firm gets the kind of attention it needs. As they explain at,

Too much of marketing is still too promotional and too focused on the firm, rather than on the audience the firm is trying to reach with its marketing. The lawyers in your firm are the subject matter experts. The lawyers are the ones involved with clients daily; answering their questions, solving their problems and advocating for their interests.

When you are creating content for your blog or site, rather than hiring someone to talk about you and your talents, instead you can share your knowledge with the consumer directly, creating a bond that will build up their trust in you and your talents.

Consider the Value

The secret to success in boosting your online rankings is to help the consumer to see the value in your services. Unlike retail businesses online where they have a product to promote, lawyers have to promote their thinking ability and expertise. These are not always easy to show a potential client without the use of content.

The fact is that many lawyers concentrate their efforts on social media. This can be a very effective approach to bringing traffic to your site. However, it should not stop there. As they explain at,

Law firms need to understand that social networks are content distribution channels where you can begin to form relationships and influence. However, if your firm is looking to develop trust, then the firm’s website and micro sites are the critical place to focus your efforts.

Marketing is not the same as advertising. In order for you to be successful at online marketing, you have to think beyond the basics. There are countless tools, strategies, and techniques you can use to draw traffic to yourself. However, by learning how to effectively implement your content, you’ll be adding another level to how well you’ll do in your business rankings.

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