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Google Opens Another Door For Mobile Friendly Websites

Previously, I talked about the importance of checking on your firm’s web page load speed. And last week, I discussed why we should all be paying much closer attention to the comments Google has made over the years. Such comments often lead us to some major change in the way things operate in the vast world of the Internet. The opening of the door to the mobile user is a major game changer in site rankings today.

In addition, Google has made another change to pave the way for more mobile users. Its addition of mobile app data to its Search Console can mean a lot of things for firms that are trying to stay competitive. According to the Search Engine Watch,

The update allows Search Console users to see how their app content is performing in Google search results through the new Search Analytics report…. Users can track where their indexed app content shows in search, which app pages are the most popular and which ones have errors.

The new feature on the Console gives the users the ability to see how consumers are actually finding their website and gives them an inside view of how Google is looking at the app content to determine a site’s ranking. In light of Google’s new inclusion of mobile friendly sites in the search rankings, this information could be a very valuable tool to help to move an individual site up in the Google ranks.


From the Console, owners will get a relatively detailed report that will include, the highest ranking queries, and the app pages that rank the highest, as well as the amount of traffic your app receives, all broken down by country. This Search Analytics Tool will have all the basic filters that you normally see for measuring website content but it will be directly applied to the app with a few additional features, which could include filtering by type, region, clicks, impressions, and other things. As it is described at Search Engine Land,

Ever wonder how Google sees the content within your Android app? Google designed a beta version of the Fetch As Google for Apps to give App developers insights into this. It will show you by app URI how Google renders the URI.

The benefits of this additional knowledge can be used in a number of different ways to improve on the rankings of any particular website. This new feature makes it possible for anyone to track where app content will appear in the search results.

How It Can Benefit App Owners

For owners, this could be a highly valuable and practical tool to help them to gauge how well their site is doing in the mobile community. Once they know how their app lines up in the rankings, which pages are attracting the most attention, and where they can make adjustments, their ability to move up to a higher position will be that much easier.

By taking advantage of the new Search Console features, owners will be able to enhance their sites and make them more mobile friendly without having to put in all the guesswork. They’ll know exactly what improvements to make and how they will contribute to positive end results. According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog,

Our goal is to make Search Console a comprehensive source of information for everyone who cares about search, regardless of the format of their content. So, if you own or develop an app, Search Console is your new go-to place for search stats.

Now that mobility has come neck and neck with the rest of the online community, businesses that take advantage of this new addition offered by Google will find themselves in a better position to pull ahead of the pack and get the high ranking results they’ve been looking for.

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