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Last time, I discussed how to optimize your firm’s SEO practices. As a law firm, the usual standards for blogging don’t apply to you. Of course, interesting content and catchy imagery are still appreciated and a necessity, but there’s more to blog about than the everyday hustle and bustle of legal life. I have talked about blogs a few times, both in relation to online marketing and in relation to content strategies, but what I want to talk about today is how you can make your blog a living part of your practice.

Making A Mark On Your Niche

A blog is a tool but it is also a means of communicating, not only with your clients, but also with your community and the other legal minds in your field of law. Now, if you have been reading along, you will remember my article from the 21st, titled, “Building Your Brand By Becoming An Authority.”This was all about how becoming an authority in your field can increase your chances of being recognized as a firm and as an individual. Well, you can begin building an authority in your blog. Shout Me Loud says:

Every day thousands of Blogs and micro blogs are added and almost 90% of them you will never hear. Reason being, the way they start, it’s the same way they extinguish. Even Google has understood the importance of a Blog Credibility and they started pushing the credible blogs in search engine ranking.

Rather than simply using your blog to add a higher word count to your website and be noticed by Google and other search engines for new and relevant content, try to make that content count toward your firm’s credibility in terms of writing something that is worth publishing in a legal magazine or book.

Use The Authority Of Others

Still in keeping with the theme of authority, creating a blog that contributes to the life of your business means not only proving that you know what you are talking about, but that you are interacting and taking the advice of others who are also authorities in your field of law. In other words, by linking yourself to “celebrities” in the field of law, you can endorse your firm, the same way that a cereal brand makes itself more appealing by putting a professional athlete in the box. states:

Blogging is all about networking, not marketing. Be it interviews, quoting the work of others or even comments, use the blog as a way to introduce yourself to new people.

It is important to make sure that this information being shared is still genuine and credible. It is nice to have a well-known figure to reinforce your own brand, but it will count for very little if the content being shared doesn’t keep with the theme of your business and the rest of your blog. Remember, we aren’t trying to market; we are trying to network.

There are a number of blog tips to be found online and through marketing firms, but be sure that the tips you take are going to propel you forward in terms of what benefits your clients, not just your financial ledger. Blog content doesn’t need to be highly intellectual, but it does have to reflect subjects that new and current clients might be looking to learn more about. Use your best judgment when choosing stories to publish, quotes to include, and even photos and videos you post.

Nothing goes unnoticed on the internet when it comes to building a blog, even those early updates which you are sure nobody took the time to read. If a client should go back and check on earlier subjects, you could get caught with some spam in your history that could create negative associations for your firm.

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