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Alternative Ways Start-Ups Can Get Online Recognition

In my last blog, I discussed how important it is to have an online marketing plan that goes beyond the basics. Meanwhile, search engine optimizers cannot work on their own, separate from the rest of the business world; to achieve the best success, it should be a team effort. Part of the reason for this is because the Internet is constantly evolving and there is much work involved in keeping up with the changing trends.

This can be a challenge for new business start-ups that often have to play a game of catch-up with those who have been controlling the top spots in ranking order in the search engines. But that seems about to change with the new strategies being implemented online today.

It seems that there are two trends that are appearing in the search engines. The first is the array of Google algorithms that are used to determine where each business ranks in the search engines. With these algorithms, sites can be carefully analyzed to see how well they meet with popular demand. Those that rate high enough on Google’s charts get to land higher up in the rankings.

The Social Search

One new alternative for improving rankings is through utilizing social networking strategies. According to, these networking sites have successfully developed their own trends,

Social networking has created its own search language: the #hashtag. Rather than relying on search engines, people in the social sphere decide what’s not and throw a hashtag in front of it. If it clicks, more people put the hashtag in front of it, and then it becomes a trend and a way to search or get noticed on social networks.

This strategy is called the ‘social search’ and as they explain, while it may take months for a business to be identified through Google algorithms, when social search is applied, the recognition could happen instantaneously. This can be a major windfall for new businesses trying to get their foot in the door of Internet marketing.

New Domain Extensions

Another new option to help start-ups move further up the ranking is the new domain extensions. While there is little chance that the .com domain is going to fade into the sunset, new businesses can now choose a domain extension that could be based on their location, industry, or even their own personal interests.

These new extensions give businesses even more of an opportunity to be noticed by adding a completely new way to be identified by the consumer. If these new extensions take off, businesses will no longer be grouped together with other unrelated businesses simply because of their domain extension. Those in the construction industry could share a .build extension while another business may prefer to be identified by its location, .NYC for example.

This new strategy will give new start-ups a fighting chance when it comes to getting noticed online. Some experts say it will help to clear away much of the clutter and trim search results down to those businesses that are in a position to meet the consumer’s unique needs. As they explain in Bloomberg Business,

Small businesses that settled for long, hyphenated, or otherwise cumbersome .com addresses because their first choices were already taken might want to reserve their business name followed by their city, for instance, like Or their business name plus their industry, like tennispro.sports.

As the online world continues to expand at such an exponential rate, it can be difficult for new businesses to find their footing. But with these new strategies for getting noticed online, they no longer have to feel as if they’re constantly on an uphill climb in order to just reach the playing field with other more established businesses.

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